Board of Directors

The DRSC Board of Directors meets quarterly on the second Saturdays of March, June, September and December from 10:30 to 12:30 at our office in Columbia.


Robert (Bob) Masella, Midlands Region, Chair

Cynthia May, Low Country Region, Vice Chair

Erik Norton, Midlands Region, Secretary

Rich Alexander, Pee Dee Region, Treasurer

Robin Blackwood, PAIDD Advisory Council Chair

Janie Simpson, PAIMI Advisory Council Chair

Rebecca Thompson, Midlands, MROP Advisory Council Chair

Erika Chapman, Pee Dee Region

Natasha Chisolm, Low Country Region

Bonnie Lynch, Piedmont Region

Kelly Troyer, Low Country Region

Rodney D. Cullum, Piedmont Region

Taylor B. Wingate, Piedmont Region

Anastasia I. Ford, Midlands Region

Janie Neeley, Midlands Region