Do You Get Social Security Benefits Because of a Disability? Do You Want To Go Back To Work?

Fact sheet

Disability Rights South Carolina can help individuals with disabilities who are receiving Social Security benefits and face barriers to work.

Contact Disability Rights South Carolina if you:

  1. Get Social Security Benefits Because of a Disability: Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or if you used to get SSDI or SSI, but still get Medicare/Medicaid; and
  2. Are working or trying to go back to work; and
  3. Face a barrier to work such as:
    • Needing services from the SC Vocational Rehabilitation Department or SC Commission for the Blind to get a job or a better job
    • An employer:
      • Discriminating against you when you apply for a job or promotion
      • Not providing accommodations you need to do a job (for example: not modifying your work schedule or allowing a service animal at your job)
    • Technical schools and colleges not providing accommodations so you can complete your education (for example: not providing a sign language interpreter in your classes or more time on tests)
    • High schools not having effective plans to transition students to work after graduation
    • Wanting a job in the community, not in a workshop
    • Overpayment notices from Social Security because you have been working

Disability Rights South Carolina is the Protection and Advocacy System for South Carolina. This publication provides legal information but is not intended to be legal advice. As the law may change, please contact Disability Rights South Carolina for updates. Please let us know if you would like this information in an alternative format.

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Last updated: 2023

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