Team Advocacy Volunteer

What Do Volunteers Do?

DRSC staff and trained volunteer(s) travel together to conduct the unannounced inspections of a Community Residential Facilities (CRCF).

What Happens During an Inspection?

Using a survey tool, the DRSC staff member and volunteer(s) inspect the facility for cleanliness, safety and quality of life issues. Volunteers are trained to ask themselves “Would I like to live here?” The volunteer will then interview residents while the Team Advocate reviews the residents’ records and medications. A meal will also be observed. An exit interview with the administrator will occur before the Team Advocate and volunteer(s) leave the facility to note items of concern. If any serious concerns related to a resident’s immediate health are present, the appropriate authorities will be contacted within 24 hours.

What happens after the inspection?

The Team Advocate prepares and sends a written report to the administrator which describes in detail a full account of the inspection. Residents’ names are not used to ensure confidentiality. This report is also sent to state agencies and other advocacy organizations that have an interest in improved quality of care in CRCF’s.

Will I be able to volunteer?

  • If the following describes you, you would make a great volunteer: I have good verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, am dependable, can maintain composure in any situation and feel comfortable using interviewing skills.
  • To become an Inspection Volunteer, you need to fill out an application. Approved applicants will be asked to attend a training session. Training’s are held throughout the year in major areas such as Charleston, Florence, Greenville and Columbia. Currently, training’s are held on an as needed basis. Please contact the Team Advocate to determine if an upcoming training is scheduled in your area.

Why volunteer?

  • To protect the safety of people in these homes;
  • To work with people with different disabilities;
  • To conduct program evaluations using a survey tool;
  • To add to your resume.

When are inspections done?

As a CRCF is a 24/7 operation, inspections can occur any time and any day. However, a majority of inspections occur between Monday and Friday and the hours of 8 am and 7 pm.

How do you apply to Volunteer?

Email [email protected] or call 803-782-0639 or toll free 1-866-275-7273 for more information.