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June 8, 2023

What is Disability Rights South Carolina?

Disability Rights South Carolina (DRSC) is a statewide nonprofit serving as the protection and advocacy system (P&A) for South Carolina. P&As are the only legally based advocacy organization established by Congress to protect the rights of all individuals with disabilities. Our mission is to protect and advance the legal, civil, and human rights of people with disabilities in South Carolina. We provide a variety of services to include client assistance, training, abuse & neglect investigation, legal assistance, and advocacy for change.

How Can Disability Rights South Carolina Help You?

DRSC is here to make sure that laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities are upheld. We start by trying to help people understand their rights and how to advocate for those rights. When self-advocacy does not resolve the issue, we determine how to best address these challenges, which may include legal action. We also work closely with lawmakers, agency directors and other stakeholders, to ensure they understand disability laws, and how their policies and systems impact these laws.

We Need Input from Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families!

To ensure our work is helping people with disabilities, we create goals and priorities that guide our work. Before we create goals and priorities, we take the following steps:
• Review state and local data, and our own internal data.
• Gather input from the community, by participating in agency and advocacy group meetings, and hosting focus group sessions.
• Sending a survey to community members for their input.

We want to hear from you! Your input is used to determine whether our goals and priorities align with what people with disabilities in South Carolina believe are important. To view our current goals, visit our website.

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