Abuse & Neglect


We envision a society where all people, regardless of type or severity of disability live free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

What We Do

We ensure people with disabilities are free from abuse and neglect by monitoring facilities and programs and investigating allegations of serious abuse, neglect and exploitation. We can assist individuals with disabilities who have been abused or neglected through investigations of allegations, reviews of investigations, legal representation and self-advocacy training. Staff also work to improve laws, regulations, policies and practices that affect the well being of people with disabilities through litigation and advocacy.

Reporting Abuse and/or Neglect

Allegations of abuse and/or neglect can be made to DRSC.  DRSC encourages individuals to report allegations to the appropriate agency as described in our fact sheet but you may also make reports to DRSC, especially if you are concerned about the response to your allegation or if you believe the abuse/neglect is systemic.