We envision a society where all people, regardless of the type or severity of disability, are productive members of society in which competitive, integrated employment is the first and preferred option.

What We Do

We help people with disabilities when they face barriers to work. These efforts include:

  • Helping people get necessary services from the state vocational rehabilitation program or the commission for the blind
  • Assisting people who need accommodations to get the education or training they need to go to work. Advocating that employers provide accommodations needed because of a person’s disability
  • Helping people who receive SSI or Social Security Disability to understand their rights and to overcome barriers to work

Client Assistance Program

In 2017 the Client Assistance Program (CAP) came to DRSC. This program has expanded our efforts to make sure that people with disabilities have the supports and services they need to help them work. Using CAP funding we assist individuals who receive or want to receive services from the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (VR) or the South Carolina Commission for the Blind (SCCB) understand their rights to services. We also use CAP funding to help people understand their employment rights; such as their rights to reasonable accommodations and to be free from disability related discrimination. People should contact us when they have been turned down for services by VR or SCCB, need a better plan for VR or SCCB to help them go back to work, or need to better understand their rights. We can also help if people are not receiving the services they need from independent living centers.

External Resources