We envision a society where all people, regardless of type or severity of disability can exercise their right to vote independently and privately.

What We Do

We can assist individuals with disabilities who have been discriminated against or denied their right to vote. Staff also work to improve laws, regulations, policies and practices that affect voters with disabilities through litigation and advocacy.

SC Disability Voting Coalition

DRSC is a proud member of the SC Disability Voting Coalition. This is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to increasing the number of people with disabilities who vote through voter education and improved access to the voting process. The coalition is comprised of more than 40 non-profit and state agencies.

Resource Manual for People with Disabilities in SC

Voting During the Pandemic

Do you have questions about how to vote safely during the pandemic? This video reviews how you can keep yourself safe and vote.

Registering to Vote

The first step to becoming a voter, is registration. This video reviews the registration process in South Carolina. Become a registered voter today.

Ways to Vote

Did you know there are multiple ways a person with a disability can choose to vote? Watch this video to learn to learn which way works best for you.

Voting Accessibility

Although all polling places should be accessible, barriers often exist. Watch this video to learn more about accessibility at the polls and how you can prepare for Election Day.