Take Action


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Community Collaboration

We cover all of South Carolina and we welcome opportunities to work with like-minded organizations, legal professionals, and other groups throughout the state. If you would like to have a meeting with some of our staff about collaboration please email us.

Speaking or Training Requests

DRSC is committed to building relationships and collaborating with our community members across the state. If you would like a staff member to speak to your group, organize a training, or participate in another form of collaboration email us.

Advisory Councils

We host multiple advisory councils established to provide the Board of Directors of DRSC with critical information regarding the current and long-term unique needs of individuals with different types of disabilities.  We currently host the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (PAIDD) Advisory Council, Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Advisory Council, and the Minority and Rural Outreach Program (MROP) Advisory Council. If you are instested in serving on a committee please email us.

SC Disability Voting Coalition

DRSC coordinates this non-partisan coalition dedicated to increasing the number of people with disabilities who vote through voter education and improved access to the voting process. If you are interested in joining email our voting coordinator.