CRCF Inspections

Community Residential Care Facility (CRCF) Inspections

Advocating for an improved quality of life for residents 

DRSC conducts unannounced inspections of Community Residential Care Facilities (CRCFs) in South Carolina. This program was designed in response to repeated concerns about the quality of life for people in institutions and CRCFs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • CRCFs are facilities that offer room and board and which provide a degree of personal care for a period of time in excess of 24 consecutive hours for two or more persons, 18 years old or older.  A list of all CRCF facilities is on the DHEC website.
  • CRCFs should be designed to accommodate residents’ changing needs and preferences, maximize residents’ dignity, autonomy, privacy, independence, and safety and encourage family and community involvement.  The requirements for operating a CRCF are found in SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Regulations 61-84.

  • DRSC staff and trained volunteer(s) travel together to conduct the unannounced inspection.
  • Using a survey tool, they inspect the facility for cleanliness, safety and quality of life issues. They conduct interviews of residents and review the residents’ records and medications. A meal is also observed. An exit interview with the administrator will occur before they leave the facility to note items of concern. If any serious concerns related to a resident’s immediate health are present, the appropriate authorities will be contacted within 24 hours.
  • The project is empowered by Section 43-33-350 (4) of the South Carolina Code to conduct surprise inspections of CRCFs in South Carolina. DRSC staff and trained volunteers have been conducting these surprise inspections since the project was approved by SC legislature in 1985.

A DRSC staff member prepares and sends a written report to the administrator which describes in detail a full account of the inspection. Residents’ names are not used to ensure confidentiality. This report is also sent to state agencies and other advocacy organizations that have an interest in improved quality of care in CRCF’s.

Investigative Reports

CRCF Report – No Place to Call Home

Cover letter – Still No Place to Call Home-2013

Inspection Reports by County

If you would like to see a copy of an inspection report please email [email protected] or call DRSC at 1-803-782-0639. Below is a list of all inspections completed over the last three years.

Abbeville County

Quiet Acres Retirement Home (Hodges) 1-21-20
Harmony House Residential Care (Calhoun Falls) 1-16-20
Harmony House (Calhoun Falls) 11-30-17
Quiet Acres Retirement Home (Hodges) 10-19-17

Aiken County

Gracelynn Residential Care Facility (New Ellenton) 2-20-20
Village Inn Community Care Home (Graniteville) 7-25-18
Gracelynn Residential Care Facility (New Ellenton) 1-9-18
Generations of Monetta (Monetta) 10-26-17
Perry Eldercare (Perry) 4-20-17
Parker’s Residential Care Home (New Ellenton) 8-11-16
Village Inn Community Care Home (Graniteville) 4-18-16
We Care Residential (Aiken) 2-25-16

Allendale County

C & S Assisted Living (Allendale) 11-7-19
Brianna’s Residential Care Facility (Fairfax) 3-7-18
C & S Assisted Living (Allendale) 3-27-17
SS Boarding Home LLC (Allendale) 1-25-17

Anderson County

Village Community Care Home – Unit A (Anderson) 10-16-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit B (Anderson) 10-16-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit C (Anderson) 10-16-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit D (Anderson) 10-16-19
Upstate Residential Care (Anderson) 8-26-19
Faith, Hope and Charity Retirement (Anderson) 1-30-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit A ((Anderson) 4-17-17
Village Community Care Home – Unit C (Anderson) 4-17-17
Resting Place #1 (Anderson) 3-20-17
Village Community Care Home – Unit B (Anderson) 11-3-16
Village Community Care Home – Unit D (Anderson) 11-3-16
Rocky River Baptist Association Residential Care Home (Belton) 8-17-16

Bamberg County

Rumph’s Residential Care (Denmark) 3-12-19
Grace Residential Care Facility (Denmark) 8-1-18
Low Country Assisted Living (Bamberg) 6-13-17
Rumph’s Residential Care (Denmark) 2-16-17

Beaufort County

A’Lelia Residential Care (Yemassee) 11-26-18

Berkeley County

Goose Creek Manor #1 (Goose Creek) 4-23-19
Goose Creek Manor #2 (Goose Creek) 10-4-18
Oakview Boarding Home (Moncks Corner) 9-19-17
Quality Care Residential Home (Goose Creek) 6-22-17
Goose Creek Manor #1 (Goose Creek) 2-13-17
L&M Residential Health Care Facility (Cross) 10-27-16

Calhoun County

Myers Residential Care Facility (Swansea) 4-26-18
Myers Residential Care Facility II (Swansea) 4-26-18

Charleston County

Cabading Homes #2 (North Charleston) 3-5-20
Ivory’s Loving Care Residential Facility (North Charleston) 1-29-20
Cabading Home #3 (North Charleston) 1-7-20
Bowles Community Care Home (McClellanville) 11-19-19
Bowles Community Care Home #2 (McClellanville) 11-19-19
Bell’s Professional Residential Home Care (North Charleston) 11-12-19
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home I (North Charleston) 9-16-19
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home II-B (North Charleston) 9-16-19
North Haven Residential Care Home (North Charleston) 8-16-19
My Father’s House (Charleston) 1-18-19
Langit’s Assisted Living Facility (North Charleston) 1-11-19
Palmetto Residential Care of North Charleston (North Charleston) 11-2-18
Ladson’s Residential Home Care (Charleston) 10-22-18
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home III (North Charleston) 9-18-18
First Choice Home Care Facility (North Charleston) 8-16-18
Vanwyever Residential Care Facility (North Charleston) 7-27-18
Nichols Residential Care Facility (Lincolnville) 5-29-18
Cabading Homes #1 (North Charleston) 12-12-17
Care With Love II (North Charleston) 12-12-17
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home I (North Charleston) 11-2-17
Ivory’s Loving Care Residential Facility (North Charleston) 8-24-17
Cabading Homes #2 (Charleston) 7-25-17
Curameng Residential Home Care (North Charleston) 5-25-17
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home II-B (North Charleston) 5-8-17
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home II-F (North Charleston) 5-8-17
Cummings Community Residential Care Home (North Charleston) 3-30-17
Pettis Angels Residential Care (North Charleston) 2-23-17
Cabading Homes #1 (Charleston) 12-6-16
Midland Park Residential Home Care (North Charleston) 11-29-16
Dorcas Residential Care I (North Charleston) 9-28-16
Dorcas Residential Care II (North Charleston) 9-28-16
Cabading Homes #3 (North Charleston) 7-19-16

Cherokee County

Ivy Grove Report (Gaffney) 2-27-19

Chester County

Palmetto Village of Chester (Chester) 2-28-18
Riley’s Residential Care Home (Great Falls) 6-20-17
Helms-Gordon Residential Care Home (Fort Lawn) 8-24-16

Chesterfield County

Pageland Care Facility (Pageland) 11-14-18
Palmetto Ridge (Cheraw) 2-7-18
Pageland Care Facility (Pageland) 9-8-16

Clarendon County

Dorch Community Residential Care (Manning) 11-16-18

Colleton County

Autumn House (Walterboro) 4-27-17

Darlington County

Easy Living Veterans Home (Lamar) 2-19-20
Easy Living (Lamar) 1-4-18

Dillon County

Burgess Residential Care Facility (Dillon) 1-23-20
B & B Assisted Living (Dillon) 1-22-19

Dorchester County

Antonio-Staples Residential Care Facility (Summerville) 12-17-18

Fairfield County

Joshua’s Foundation (Ridgeway) 11-20-19
Joshua’s Foundation (Ridgeway) 9-26-17

Florence County

Evelyn’s Residential Care Facility (Florence) 11-6-19
Beard Residential Care Facility #1 (Timmonsville) 4-24-19
Burgess Residential Care #3 (Florence) 4-13-19
Johnsonville Adult Care (Johnsonville) 3-5-19
Gene’s Residential Care Facility (Florence) 1-8-19
Gene’s Residential Care (Florence) 11-20-18
Victorian Home (Florence) 4-12-18
Burgess Residential Care Facility (Florence) 1-18-18
Beard’s Residential Care Facility #3 (Timmonsville) 1-11-18
Burgess Residential Care #3 (Florence) 5-2-17
Evelyn’s Residential Care Facility (Florence) 2-28-17
Beard Residential Care Facility #1 (Timmonsville) 1-26-17
Hannah Residential Manor (Pamplico) 1-12-17
Carriage House Senior Living of Florence (Florence) 9-16-16

Georgetown County

Mary’s Home Care (Hemingway) 3-12-20
Oasis Residential Home (Georgetown) 11-08-18
Mary’s Home Care (Hemingway) 2-1-17

Greenville County

Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit D (Greer) 2-18-20
McKinney House (Mauldin) 11-21-19
Gregory’s Community Care #6 – Howell House (Piedmont) 10-31-19
Gregory’s Community Care #8 – Metz House (Piedmont) 10-31-19
Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit B (Greer) 8-15-18
Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit C (Greer) 8-15-18
Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit A (Greer) 7-9-18
Gregory’s Community Care #5 Malone House (Piedmont) 6-4-18
Gregory’s Community Care #7 – Craven House (Piedmont) 2-27-18
Sherman Residential Care (Greenville) 10-11-17
Gregory’s Community Care # 6 Howell House (Piedmont) 4-13-17
Gregory’s Community Care # 8 – Metz House (Piedmont) 4-13-17
McKinney House (Mauldin) 2-7-17

Greenwood County

Ware Shoals Manor (Ware Shoals) 6-8-17

Hampton County

Seville’s Residential Care Facility (Hampton) 2-14-19
Seville’s Residential Care Facility (Hampton) 3-8-17

Kershaw County

Flowers Residential Care Facility (Lugoff) 12-05-18
Dixon’s Community Care Home (Elgin) 4-27-18
Flowers Residential Care Facility (Lugoff) 2-15-17
Dixon’s Community Care Home (Elgin) 9-27-16

Lancaster County

Heath Springs Residential Care Center (Heath Springs) 10-24-18

Laurens County

Laurens Estates (Laurens) 2-21-18

Lee County

Emerald Residential Care Facility II (Bishopville) 10-12-19
Bishopville Manor (Bishopville) 3-7-19
Emerald Residential Care Facility I (Bishopville) 9-19-18
Emerald Residential Care Facility II (Bishopville) 11-1-17

Lexington County

S & S Assistance Housing (Lexington) 1-15-20
Twilite Manor Adult Residential Care (Cayce) 1-23-19
Carolina Gardens at West Columbia (West Columbia) 1-16-19
Rapha Residential Care Inc. (Gaston) 11-15-18
Brook Pine Community Residential Care Facility (Gaston) 4-11-18
Stephanie’s Residential Care Facility (West Columbia) 10-4-17
S&S Assistance Housing (Lexington) 8-30-17
Twilite Manor Adult Residential Care (Cayce) 3-16-17
Southern Heritage (West Columbia) 7-14-16

Marion County

M&M Residential Care Home (Marion) 1-15-19
M&M Residential Care Home (Marion) 1-19-17

Marlboro County

BTU RestHome (Bennettsville) 11-30-16

Newberry County

Palmetto Gardens (Prosperity) 1-25-19
Palmetto Gardens (Prosperity) 1-4-17

Orangeburg County

Stokes Residential Care (Orangeburg) 2-27-20
Serenity Manor of Holly Hill (Holly Hill) 2-12-20
Tyler Restmore Home #2 (Orangeburg) 11-5-19
Daltons CMC Residential Care Facility (Orangeburg) 10-15-19
Tyler Restmore Home #3 (Orangeburg) 10-15-19
Brian’s Residential Care (Orangeburg) 4-17-19
Tyler Restmore Home (Orangeburg) 4-11-19
Elliott’s Residential Care Home (Bowman) 9-25-18
Alexander’s Golden Starr Community Care Home (Santee) 6-7-18
Jolly Rest More (Orangeburg) 5-8-18
JJ Residential Care (Orangeburg) 5-8-18
Jolly Rest More (Orangeburg) 5-8-18
Dreamland Residential Care (North) 3-29-18
Brian’s Residential Care II (Branchville) 3-12-18
Tyler Restmore Home (Orangeburg) 2-12-18
Stokes Residential (Orangeburg) 2-8-18
Serenity Manor of Holly Hill (Holly Hill) 1-19-18
Golden Years (Orangeburg) 11-27-17
Brian’s Residential Care (Orangeburg) 6-7-17
Tyler Restmore Home (Orangeburg) 3-29-17
Catherine’s Manor II (Orangeburg) 2-2-17
Backhome Care Facility (Cross) 1-9-17
Elliott’s Residential Care Home (Bowman) 8-30-16

Pickens County

Master Care (Liberty) 2-11-20
Easley Retirement Center (Easley) 9-3-19
West End Retirement Center Inc. (Easley) 3-14-18
Master Care (Liberty) 4-10-17
Six Mile Retirement Center (Six Mile) 12-14-16

Richland County

Rockhaven Community Care Home (Columbia) 2-3-20
Pondview Residential Care Home #2 (Blythewood) 1-14-20
Turning Point Community Residential Care Facility (Hopkins) 11-13-19
Pondview Residential Care Facility #1 (Blythewood) 10-10-19
Lemonaide House (Hopkins) 9-26-19
B & J Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 9-25-19
Joy Community Care Home (Columbia) 9-19-19
Kiva Lodge (Blythewood) 7-29-19
Rouse Community Care Home #2 (Columbia) 6-6-19
Carson’s Community Care (Blythewood) 4-10-19
Eugenia’s Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 4-3-19
Walters Residential Care (Columbia) 1-9-19
Reese’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 12-19-18
Rouse Community Care Home #1 (Columbia) 10-18-18
Westside Residential Home (Columbia) 10-12-18
Flanagan Community Care Home (Columbia) 8-28-18
Pondview Residential Care Home #1 (Blythewood) 8-22-18
Reese’s Community Care Home
Addison’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 7-20-18
Casual Community Care Home (Columbia) 7-12-18
Davis Community Care Home (Columbia) 6-15-18
Williams Community Care Home (Columbia) 5-23-18
Piedmont Pathways Community Residential Care Facility (Hopkins) 3-28-18
Countrywood Assisted Living (Hopkins) 3-15-18
Joanne’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 3-6-18
Mary’s Residential Care Facility (Blythewood) 2-15-18
Dowdy’s Community Care Home #2 (Columbia) 2-14-18
Rockhaven Community Care Home (Columbia) 1-18-18
Lemonaide House (Hopkins) 12-21-17
Joy Community Care Home (Columbia) 10-25-17
Pondview Residential Care Home #2 (Blythewood) 10-10-17
B & J Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 9-7-17
CLS Care Home (Gadsden) 8-17-17
Carson’s Community Care (Blythewood) 5-23-17
Eugenia’s Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 4-11-17
Heritage at Lowman (Chapin) 2-8-17
Rouse Community Care Home #2 (Columbia) 1-23-17
Casual Community Care Home (Columbia) 10-17-16
Joanne’s Community Care Home #1 (Elgin) 9-14-16
Addison’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 8-9-16

Saluda County

Long’s Residential Care Center (Saluda) 10-24-19
Clarke House (Saluda) 2-13-19
Long’s Residential Care Center (Saluda) 8-2-17
Clarke House (Saluda) 10-12-16

Spartanburg County

Cantrell’s Residential Care Facility (Spartanburg) 11-14-19
Wright’s Residential Care Facility 1 (Wellford) 10-21-19
Wright’s Residential Care Facility 2A & B (Lyman) 10-21-19
Midway Residential Care Facility #1 (Moore) 9-24-19
Midway Residential Care Facility #1A (Moore) 9-24-19
Midway Residential Care Facility #4 (Moore) 8-8-18
Midway Residential Care Facility #5 (Moore) 8-8-18
Wright’s Residential Care #2A & B (Lyman) 11-9-17
Miller’s Place (Spartanburg) 7-17-17
Cantrell’s Residential Care Facility (Spartanburg) 5-22-17
Reid’s Residential Care Facility (Wellford) 3-14-17
Midway Residential Care Facility #1 (Moore) 11-16-16
Midway Residential Care Facility #1A (Moore) 11-16-16

Sumter County

Herriott’s Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 10-28-19
Anointed Residential Care (Sumter) 10-8-19
Anointed Residential Care #2 (Sumter) 10-8-19
Family Residential Care Home I (Sumter) 9-11-19
Family Residential Care Home II (Sumter) 9-11-19
Family Residential Care Home III (Sumter) 9-11-19
Carriage House of Sumter (Sumter) 6-3-19
Greene’s Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 4-18-19
Flora’s Residential Care Facility II (Sumter) 2-26-19
Good Deeds Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 7-30-18
Walters Brothers Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 6-28-18
Angelic’s Place (Sumter) 5-31-18
Greene’s Residential Care II (Sumter) 5-4-18
Community Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 1-25-18
Anointed Residential Care (Sumter) 12-7-17
Anointed Residential Care #2 (Sumter) 12-7-17
Morningside of Sumter (Sumter) 12-6-17
Willie S II RCH (Sumter) 7-11-17
Greene’s Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 4-25-17
Flora’s Residential Care Facility II (Sumter) 3-23-17
Family Residential Care Home I (Sumter) 1-5-17
Family Residential Care Home II (Sumter) 1-5-17

Union County

Whitney Place (Union) 5-30-17

Williamsburg County

Sunny Pines Boarding Home (Andrews) 2-22-19
Williamsburg Residential Care Facility (Kingstree) 10-26-18
Good Samaritan Residential Care (Kingstree) 2-1-18

York County

Divine Manor Assisted Living Center (Rock Hill) 1-5-18
Crossroads at Catawba (Catawba) 10-25-16