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If you live in another state, click here to find the Protection and Advocacy office for your state.

Although it is rare, emails may be “lost” and not received by us. Also, we use a filter to protect against “spam” email. If you send us an email and do not receive a response within two working days, please re-send your e-mail or CALL us.

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Disability Rights South Carolina
3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 208
Columbia, SC 29204-4034

P&A does not charge for its services. Caution:  If your problem involves a dispute between two or more individuals with disabilities, do NOT send any specific information or documents in your e-mail.

Examples: There If there is a problem between your child who receives special education services and another student in the special education class OR there is a problem between two residents at a mental health facility.  P&A may already be assisting the other person. If so, we will try to suggest other places where you may get help.